Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kansas Farm

Passed all inspections for FHA loans.
Insured for $140,000

Solid house.
Good carpentry.
Good plumbing and electric, updated recently.  

Rural Water.   
Well (not currently used).  
Creek and pond on north edge of property.   

Large powerful central air conditioner fairly new.  
Large Deck,  
Vinyl Siding, new.  
Steel roof. 

Dish HD installed, cable to living room and one bedroom at least.  Fairly new. 

Fiber optic internet available from Craw-Kan.   
Unmetered for $50 per month.   
Cell phone tower nearby, strong signal.     
T-Mobile prepaid works great 3GB per month at $40 per month.  
Walmart T-Mobile has more GB.

Supposedly the highway will be widened for a safety lane.
Another theory is the state ran out of money so this will not happen.
If it happens it will trim a strip of land along the highway, reducing the acreage.  
I have no paperwork on this project.

Electric wire atop the high fence but have not found where the electricity connects yet. 

Faucet for animals near barn and fields. 

Water main recently installed 2016.   
Workers seem very competent.   
Mr Houston runs the operation, supposedly.   
I hear he is very good to work with. 
Rural Water Company Laura 620-479-1004
New water line to house probably installed by Hank at Roto Rooter.   
Solid plumbing throughout.   
High quality heavy duty faucets.   
Hot water heater new a few years ago - propane, 40 gallon Bradford-White. 
New outdoor faucet near the barns for animals. 
New outdoor faucet below kitchen window.  

3 outbuildings:  

One car steel garage. 

 Steel chicken coop  walk in with separate smaller doors for the chickens.   
8 foot ceiling and about 90 square feet. 

 Much larger steel horse barn.   

Forest, field views.  
Lots of trees around the house but wide open fields with lots of grass. 
Good quality grass. 
Hear the land was recently used for large horses.   
Probably many kinds of animals grazed there over the last 100 years.   

Fences ok for cows, horses, sheep, etc.  
Both barbed wire fairly high and finer meshed wire lower down for smaller animals.   
Electric wire on top of the fence. 
The 6 acres is divided into 4 fields with fences between to allow rotating the animals and letting the pasture recover.  
Have not inspected all the fences closely. 

I heard a Mr. Garrison owned the property in the past, but more recently was Mr. Welch.   
Current owner using it as a residence / storage / office project / SHTF bug out retreat.

Only 1 mile to town, county seat with lots of services for such a small town.   
Friendly people.  
Hard working farming type people.   
Seems to be a very low crime area and not crowded at all.  
Several Banks.   
Several Restaurants.   
Several fast food establishments.   
Good barber $10. 
Same building has a large beauty / hairstyling salon.  
Schools K-12 with a few college level classes available on the high school campus.  

Small Hospital 
( - 2000 doctors in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas) 
Saw at least 3 optometrists in town.   
Small Mental health clinic.   
Larger state-run family services of some sort.   

A little farther away: 
Large orthopedic surgery clinic 7 miles south in the city of Galena Kansas 
Joplin regional medical center 20-30 miles away depending on which route you take.   
Joplin has most of the retail and services that most people need. 
Large shopping mall and lots of other retail. 
Scenic drives over there and all around.   

One neighbor 100 yards south.   
Another neighbor 200 hards south who has a beautiful horse. 
Can't see anybody else looking south. 
But there is a neighbor who sells real eggs. 

Then a few hundred yards south is a large Ford Dealership and an RV dealership.   
Can't see any houses looking north.  
 East is a forest and mobile home that is supposed to be removed.   
West is a railroad track and beyond that a factory.   
Factory makes no sound but you can hear 2 or more trains per day.  
Train is not too loud but is long, sort of exiting.   
Train horn gets tooted in town but not loud here over a mile away.   
Highway does get busy rush hours on weekdays but very quiet nights and weekends. 
Most noise is the grain trucks headed to the grain elevators in town.

The county and region has been losing population over the last 100 years as farms have gotten larger and people moved to the big cities.   
So occasionally good properties can be found relatively cheap.   
We are midway between Tulsa and Kansas City in the north-south directions.  
Also midway between Wichita and Springfield Missouri in the east-west directions.   
This is the low point of population pressure so prices are lower and much less crowded.   

Found a good plumber named Bob Norris.   
Met a banker who seemed smart but did not get his name.   

Friday, June 10, 2016

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


More photos are on Zillow

view of 6 acres looking north.

SE Kansas has thick black rich soil.  
New water lines going in to last 100 years.

View North from driveway showing forest across the street.
(There is a lake behind the forest).