Texas escape Taxes California collapse civil war vs Portland Oregon coffee, marijuana, beer, skin-heads, neo-nazis, white "city of the future"?

Nevada is too close to California collapse. 
Will damage Oregon Seattle Alaska too. 

Amarillo Canyon Lubbock is the closest safe home. On
I-40 beautiful freeway. 

Good year round weather high and dry 3333 feet low myco mold allergies. 

Bright sun stop MS. 
Republican low drugs. 

Cows top quality cheese peanuts.
Happy lithium in water. 
Windy fresh air. 
Low population mostly white. 
Midway between Dallas and Denver. 

From recent Fresno Escapee:

Newsome announced a 10% tax on drinking water yesterday.

As stated before California has a combined debt and deficit of over a half trillion.($500.billion).

The PERS pension system is almost a half trillion in deficit.

The STRS teachers pension is $98.billion in deficit.(source:Brookings Institute)
An 8% return is required to maintain a retirement system.PERS has an average return of 1.5% due in large part to only investing in politically correct so called green investments.

The now defunct HSR imo was a twelve year money laundering operation.

No HSR, high speed railroad

no road money,potholes in roads.

$3 billion owed to the Feds.

All the time calling waging a legal and media war against the Trump Admin.

None of the above debt includes broke cities or counties.

California is a one party state.

Like other Progressives (Marxists) around the country
their platform is rejected by mainstream voters.

The Progressive answer is to change constituencies and game the system; 16 year olds, convicted felons,illegal immigrants,voter fraud.

The debts are unpayable yet disarmed taxpaying milkcows will be called on to dig deep.

I believe the plan had been for a triumphant Hillary Clinton Administration to pay off California debt with money from states like Texas and money created by the Fed.

In time I believe Jerry Brown will be seen in retrospect as misguided but benevolent compared to the hardcore Marxists that follow.

Btw-I understand Gavin Newsome is building a $3 million home.The Governors Mansion apparently was not to his liking.

If one is to remain in California purchase a 4x4 to traverse the failing roads.(an economical 4x4).


On Monday joe 

California Political situation sounds bad. 

Loss of prop 13 will collapse house prices. 
Sell now before it is too late. 

Amazing how fast it can go downhill. 

Even in a boom. 
Facebook google social media tracking hacking stealing boom HQ San Francisco. 

Disinformation boom Hollywood. 

The medical situation is scary. 
Problems must be nipped in the bud or they can snowball. 
10 day wait for doctor  can be fatal. 

You could probably find a better health care plan in Texas. 
Higher quality
Lower cost. 

Dallas has top rated hospitals
And VA. 

My plan coordinates VA and medicare advantage. 

I pay nothing. 
Occasionally $20 for copay or eye glasses. 

My only reservation about Dallas is that it is huge. 

There is bound to be air pollution.



Plus you pay more for the big city that I do not need. 

Opera? Plays? Never. 

And liberal. 
Big cities attract liberals. 
Texas has minorities and may flip blue. 

Why I was looking at Canyon Amarillo Lubbock. 
More conservative.  

Hideout that nobody knows about. 

Even Texans never been there

I was born there and lived there 13 years. 

Also has 3333 + foot altitude
Less heat humidity smog. 
Very windy high plains. 
Lung health
No allergies. Sun. 
Lubbock even has a medical college. 
UT austin does not!

Rich Owrote:

Hi Joe:
I agree with your friend about Texas, and I am putting that choice into the "hopper".

Since I am already a citizen of Texas, it should be no trouble to move back.

I am watching this California situation very carefully.

One thing I can say about our previous governor Jerry Brown is that his religious conservatism was strong and he held this wildly liberal socialist legislature in check.

Now that he is out, and the new governor and Marxist Gavin Newsome is in the drivers seat, and the State is in danger of complete uncontrolled spending and taxation.

He has already sponsored a bill to tax our water delivery to pay for "affordable housing". 

His current agenda is to have single payer medical coverage for all of California and pay for it by property taxation.

Already, my current health plan from Kaiser has been affected.

Under his communist legislature, Kaiser was forced to take on MediCal which  include all immigrants and the underpriviledged, at taxpayers expense.  

It now takes me ten days to get a doctors appointment at Kaiser, so Texas med doesn't look too bad.

Once he eliminates Prop 13, I am moving.

----- Origig

Got this info from a Fresno Escapee who recently moved to San Antonio Texas.



The Republic of Texas is my choice.

If Progressives (Marxists) gain control of the government in 2020 and continue to strip individual liberties,

raise taxes to 75% 

and continue to go after the guns 

states will begin to pushback including secession efforts.

Texas would be among the first to push back.

At one time an independent Republic there already is a Texit movement.

There is also a real legal issue of whether the Texas entry into the union was actually ratified.

Texas has no income tax and cost of living is 10% lower than the average of the rest of the country.

On the downside there is a shortage of medical Doctors in Texas.


Another survival location is Vancouver Washington,
directly across the river from Portland Oregon.

Better medical care than Canyon Texas or Hawaii.

Excellent air quality but cold and wet in winter.

On I-5 convenient and familiar to California evacuees.

Zero income taxes in Washington.
Zero sales taxes in Oregon.

I always liked Oregon since my first trip up there at age 10.

I remember Professor Walther used to like to go up to Portland for recreation.

Portland is known for roses,
beer, and
naked motorcycle riders,
strip clubs,
skin-heads, and
Ku Klux Klan racists,
the "last bastion of white culture."

Sort of a strange society but a
huge port and
the best weather in the USA.

Portland has a large medical school
but the 2 large universities are further south in Corvallis and Eugene.

I drove through a few times but it was raining cats and dogs so I did not see much. Probably has a lot of mold and allergies with so much rain.

Oregon has the highest income tax in the USA but
Oregon has no sales tax.
Washington State has no income tax.

Vancouver Washington is directly across the river from Portland so retirees living there can pay no income tax
while shopping in Portland and paying no sales tax.
Best of both worlds.

Sort of nice having the big city services
and great weather.

Seattle is very busy and terrible traffic problems worse than San Francisco.

Portland is growing but not such a boom town so may be easier to live there.

Do you think Portland is where the white race is / should be headed?

Or is it an anomaly or throwback to a bye-gone era?

Why is the Oregon economy lagging behind Seattle and California?

Probably depressed by rain and fog,
smoking pot,
drinking coffee,
waiting to die in massive Tsunami / earthquake.


Portland lies in the Marine west coast climate region, having a climate marked by warm, dry summers and rainy but mild winters.

This climate is ideal for growing roses,
and for more than a century, Portland has been known as "The City of Roses" with many rose gardens—
most prominently the International Rose Test Garden.

Portland is home to a diverse array of artists and arts organizations,
and was named in 2006 by American Style magazine as the tenth best Big City Arts Destination in the U.S.

Portland is well-known for its microbrewery beer.

Oregon Public Broadcasting has documented Portland's role in the microbrew revolution in the United States in a report called Beervana.

The New York Times also spotlighted Portland for its burgeoning restaurant scene

Portland has become known as a premier coffee destination in the Pacific Northwest.

Yelp.com lists more than 20 coffee houses in Portland with 4.5-5 star ratings.

The city is home to the original Stumptown Coffee Roasters,
well-known by aficionados as one of the nation's highest quality direct-trade roasteries, as well as dozens of other micro-roasteries and cafes.

Portland ranked 42nd worldwide in quality of living;
the survey factored in political stability, personal freedom, sanitation, crime, housing, the natural environment, recreation, banking facilities, availability of consumer goods, education, and public services including transportation.

According to Grist magazine,
Portland is the second most eco-friendly or "green" city in the world trailing only Reykjavík, Iceland.

In 2010, Move, Inc. placed Portland in its "top 10 greenest cities" list.

Portland is the largest shipper of wheat in the United States, and is the second largest port for wheat in the world.

The marine terminals alone handle over 13 million tons of cargo per year, and is home to one of the largest commercial dry docks in the country.

The Port of Portland is the third largest U.S. port on the west coast.

Because of strong free speech protections of the Oregon Constitution
upheld by the Oregon Supreme Court Henry v. Oregon Constitution 1987 which specifically found that full nudity and lap dances in strip clubs are protected speech,

Portland is widely considered to have more strip clubs per capita than Las Vegas or San Francisco.

A judge dismissed charges against a nude bicyclist in November 2008 on the grounds that the city's annual World Naked Bike Ride
"was a well-established tradition in Portland.

In June 2010 Portland's World Naked Bike Ride had an estimated 13,000 people.

Portland's population has been and remains predominantly white.

In 2009, Portland had the fifth-highest percentage of white residents among the 40 largest U.S. metropolitan areas.

A 2007 survey concluded that Portland's urban core is the
"whitest big city in the nation".

The Pacific Northwest as a whole has been called "one of the last Caucasian bastions of the United States".

Portland remains white,
but migration to Portland is disproportionately white,
at least partly because Portland is attractive to young college-educated Americans, a group which is overwhelmingly white.

The racial demographics today are largely a result of historic policies and trends.

The Oregon Territory banned African American immigration in 1849.

The early 1920s saw the rapid growth of The Ku Klux Klan
which became very influential in Oregon politics
culminating in the election of Walther M. Pierce as governor.

Widespread housing discrimination continues to affect the racial landscape today.

A 2011 audit of landlords' renting practices by the Fair Housing Council of Oregon indicated
64% of 50 leasing agents discriminated against Latino or black prospective tenants, compared with white prospective tenants.

The Oregonian stated "they were quoted higher rent and deposits, for example, or given additional fees, not offered applications or move-in specials, or shown inferior units."

In the 1980s and 1990s, radical skinhead groups flourished in Portland.

An Ethiopian student was killed by members of a skinhead group in 1988.

In 1993, TIME Magazine said,
"In the eyes of a skinhead, Portland, Oregon, looks like the city of the future."

Portland's skinheads remained in the news throughout 2010,
when the anti-racist group Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice argued that neo-nazi skinheads shot an anti-racist skinhead.

During redevelopment of north Portland along the MAX Yellow Line, displacement of minorities occurred at a drastic rate.

Portland ranked 53rd in violent crime out of the top 75 U.S. cities.

The murder rate in Portland is lower than the national average.


433,172 78.6%   White   74.0%   81.9%

36,036  6.5%    Asian   6.5%    7.7%

35,246  6.4%    Black or African American       6.3%    7.7%

7,629   1.4%    American Indian, Alaska Native  0.6%    2.8%

2,668   0.5%    Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander       0.5%    0.6%

16,026  2.9%    Some other race 0.2%    3.2%

20,449  3.7%    Two or more races       3.2%

551,226 100%    Total of all races

48,627  8.8%    Total Hispanic/Latino (of any race)

Climate data for Portland, Oregon (PDX)

Month   Jan     Feb     Mar     Apr     May     Jun     Jul     Aug     Sep     Oct     Nov     Dec     Year

Record high °F (°C)

Average high °F (°C)    45.6
(7.56)  50.3
(10.17) 55.7
(13.17) 60.5
(15.83) 66.7
(19.28) 72.7
(22.61) 79.3
(26.28) 79.7
(26.5)  74.6
(23.67) 63.3
(17.39) 51.8
(11)    45.4
(7.44)  62.1

Average low °F (°C)     34.2
(1.22)  35.9
(2.17)  38.6
(3.67)  41.9
(5.5)   47.5
(8.61)  52.6
(11.44) 56.9
(13.83) 57.3
(14.06) 52.5
(11.39) 45.2
(7.33)  39.8
(4.33)  35.0
(1.67)  44.8
Record low °F (°C)      −2

Precipitation inches (mm)       5.07
(128.8) 4.18
(106.2) 3.71
(94.2)  2.64
(67.1)  2.38
(60.5)  1.59
(40.4)  .72
(18.3)  .93
(23.6)  1.65
(41.9)  2.88
(73.2)  5.61
(142.5) 5.71
(145)   37.07

Snowfall inches (cm)    1.6
(4.1)   1.6
(4.1)   0
(0)     0
(0)     .6
(1.5)   1.3
(3.3)   5.2

Avg. precipitation days (≥ 0.01 in)     17.2    15.8    17.2    15.3    12.8    8.8     4.4     4.8     7.5     11.4    18.9    18.3    152.4

Avg. snowy days(≥ 0.1 in)       1.0     1.1     0       0       0       0       0       0       0       0       .4      1.3     3.8

Sunshine hours  86.8    118.7   192.2   222.0   275.9   291.0   331.7   297.6   237.0   151.9   78.0    65.1    2,347.9


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