San Angelo Texas survival hide out with clean water

My Step brother Mark
From Porterville
retired military now in 
San Angelo Texas
From: princeaffy 

Bonnie and I live in San Angelo, TX, population around 100,000.  Mostly dry heat in summer,  considered West Texas but on the outer fringe of Hill Country.   Plenty of water here....spring fed, reservoirs full. No snow this winter,  only a handful of days under 32.  College town, Angelo State,  is expanding,  has been invited to Division 1. Go to church with a chemistry professor- he's conservative. Military town. Goodfellow AFB....lots of retirees in area.

Boomtown area....lots of oil west.  Not sure if libs could tolerate this area,  not visually stimulating and drugs not tolerated by hanging judges.  County jail always full, stiff sentences. 

Three hours from San Antonio and Austin,  4.5 from Dallas.  Lots of people go for weekends and back here to civility. Nice, pleasant drives until you reach metro.  Rolling hills, wildflowers,  spectacular sunsets, animals (saw a cougar the other day).

Slow news area. When we got here a story about a pet monkey that had escaped captivated the area for weeks. 

Throwback area, some towns still have drive run jewelry repair shops, used book stores,  retro route 66 style motels,  greasy diners where patrons sit for hours and bitch about their medical issues,  Obama legacy.

Decent medical care,  minimal wait times for urgent care. Cancer and heart centers emerging. Still prefer the better doctors in Austin.

People in area obsessed with trucks, guns,  dogs, high school football,  cheap American beer.  Poor eating habits noticeable even though stores/restaurants have healthy choices. Obesity everywhere.  Good walking trails along Concho river.

If you're looking for a safe but boring place to live......San Angelo might be it.  

We are considering Minimalism. Just watched 2016 documentary by Matt D' Avella.  Looks appealing. Has biblical with less. 


survival hide out in Arkansas Fairfield Bay clean water

If you are a registered republican or live in a republican zip code,
or libertarian, or alt-right,
Then your joint replacements are poisoned,
a big time release capsule of poison.
Your medicines will be poisoned.
All made in Communist China
emperor who favors communists, socialists, and other big government parties,
or any stupid voter who will vote more power to China
or cause trouble
or American collapse.

White People in California are like the
Jews in Germany before the holocaust.
If you wait too long to escape you will be exterminated.

Move before it is too late!
Don't stay where you are a despised deplorable taxpayer.
Many good survival locations in USA with a better ecosystem and social system.

The reason I did not move to Texas in 2011 was the terrible drought that looked like it might never end.  It did end.

East of Canyon Texas is Norman Oklahoma University - that latitude all the way to the east coast gets lots of rain.
You can live ok without a heater or air conditioner, windows open most of the year for health natural fresh air microbiota
to fight lung diseases, autoimmune diseases from freaky modern indoor microbes.
Indoors you breathe human pet pathogens staph over and over again until you get sick from your own germs.

Must have healthy air - fan on blowing thru -  or live in a tent
to have normal healthy microbes living on you.
The good microbes eat the bad germs to protect you.
Millennials doomed to asthma, allergies, lupus, autoimmune diseases.
Millennials  grow up in houses and cars 97% of the time, very sickly,
not the healthy outdoors 1930s and before modern air conditioning.

Arkansas has water and south central location mild weather.
If you go south you get heat and humidity from gulf.
If you go north you lose mountain protection from cold north winds major snowstorms.

Most of Arkansas is white people similar to the Great Plains Colorado Utah Mormon areas but with warmer survivable winters.
South of Arkansas gets blacker and browner people.
The most stark racial dividing line in the USA
is in Arkansas, particularly North Little Rock vs South Little Rock.
Northern suburbs Conway and points north become all-white some with active Ku Klux Klan.

I have heard oral reports of a secret guarded large cave system filled in with roads and buildings as evacuation site for USA government in the event of war.

Fairfield Bay Arkansas
is man made by dam with the cleanest water in USA whitewater Bill Clinton corruption $.
River basin has no agriculture or industry.
Almost no people, very rugged Ozarks mountains.
Poor hard-scrabble people pioneers walked in 200 years ago.
No economy.
A few small towns 10 miles away for most services although there is enough in town for most needs.
Planned community with $200 per month per address recreation fee for golf, tennis, marina, roads, etc.

Fairfield Bay is all white people, southerners retire there and want to keep it that way.
Very secluded, 2 lane roads, almost nobody ever heard of it.
No casinos or attractions besides the lake.

All white people for the NW two thirds of Arkansas very low population.
The black people are south and east of Little Rock
working in the swampy lowlands
rice fields
Stuttgart duck capitol of USA
Mississippi river - about one third of Arkansas.

Good Freeway system into Dallas, thru Texarkana. 3 hours?

About an hour and a half to Memphis major medical and services but black majority in city with white suburbs.

About an hour into Little Rock major medical and services but lots of blacks.
Whites have moved north into North Little Rock and Conway.

30 minutes to Searcy Harding University very conservative white community lots of services.
Freeway most of the way north along Mississippi River to St Louis, Chicago, or I-40.

40 minutes to Conway Hendrix University Central Arkansas another conservative area exurb
Conway is Little Rock exurb with huge data base company including all your private information.
White flight area.

Arkansas has the lowest property taxes in the USA.
But it has high sales taxes and does have income tax
and taxes some retirement income.

Mississippi does not tax retirement income and has beaches and casinos and generally low cost of living.

Hawaii has lower sales taxes and better retirement income taxes and the best weather
but is a high cost of living
depending on how much you shop.

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