Canyon Texas

Is 14 miles off I-40
I get on I-44 in town that has Y intersection with I-40 halfway there
Very fast escape
Easy move
White people

Halfway to California
As close as I dare to be to Satan.
Albuquerque is too Latino and too high tax.
Flagstaff is too high elevation and too expensive.
Desparate dying Las Vegans seeking to cool off.
And hotter Phoenix and other Arizona.
Flagstaff the only cool spit in summer.
Ski in winter expensive and crowded.

Farther north Denver is too cold and air pollution and crowded.

Farther south and east is lower elevation too hot.
Closer to gulf is too hot and humid and Latino.

Canyon Texas has the best air quality in USA maybe from smog snd allergy standpoint. Windy. Windmills. #1 in wind power.

Except for Laramie Wyoming extremely windy but
7000 foot elevation is too cold and too far north.

Canyon Texas may be the best location from an environmental standpoint by many measures.