Tyranny approaching fast- Bounty Hunter received $300. Phone was located - Person was wanted for ‘Political Incorrectness’ and taken into custody

Note that if your smart phone is turned off then these apps would not work.
If you got a dumb phone then the apps would never install or work.
If you got a smart phone and cancel the data plan the apps may not work.
Some vendors you can get just voice and no text or data.

Save money.
Save your life.
Keep electronics turned off as much as possible.
Move to Hawaii and don't use any electricity - no heat or air conditioning needed.
Run in the sun on the beach to turn on human genes 
boost IQ 
work by the sweat of your brow,
not sit in shade to turn on ape genes, become a couch potato, eat sweets, watch TV, talk on phones....
Home is the new concentration camp where sheeple consumers are exterminated by toxic food, clothes, furniture, junk, electronics....

Computer programmers phone app writers are the new slaves forced to make toxic electronics.
Years of college, huge debts, work 14 hours per day 7 days per week.
Sit hunched over computers damaging their eyes, butt atrophy, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, dementia, shrinking IQ.
Have to retire age 30 before their debts paid off.
Go on Social Security disability.
Die young.

All to track you, misinform you fake news, blast your brain with electrons, cripple you, kill you.
Modern technology has become sinister, 
even in peacetime.
War Machines getting more potent.
Wide is the gate leading to Destruction.
The final solution.

Communists killed hundreds of millions of people in the last century.
May kill billions in this century.
Was Hitler right to invade Communist Russia?
Was Japan right to invade China to prevent Mao Tse Tung murderous communist takeover?
Or did Japan enable the communists?

From: Lothar 

Subject: Tyranny approaching fast- 

Bounty Hunter received $300.

 Phone was located - 
Person was wanted for 'Political Incorrectness'
 and taken into custody - 

Motherboard (1984 ?)


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