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Get a job at the huge water park in the summer.
Get a sun tan and let sun shine into your head for better mental function, and lungs to clear out germs.
San Marcos is not nearly as hot as Las Vegas.

Lots of rivers and lakes too why native Americans liked it.
Wherever you get survivable fresh water you get humidity.
Actually humidity does not vary much across cities in the summer.
Lawns and swimming pools and rain provides moisture everywhere, even in the deserts.

Winter freezes water out of the air, so dry skin problems in most of northern USA.

We got almost no summer here so people are not prepared.
Once you get used to a real summer it is not a problem.
100 degrees daily in Artesia I biked downtown daily 2pm hottest time of day.
Did not notice it being hot, just normal.
Had some altitude, bright sun
but farming so some humidity 
and summer monsoon brought rain weekly.

Florida beach areas will be cooler but more expensive and crowded with vacationers from all over the east coast.

Texas has large population but not so many vacationers from deserted farm states.
San Marcos will not be so crowded  not really a vacation resort area.
San Marcos is a smaller town than here or Joplin.
And in summer College Students leave town mostly empty like around here.

Texas is close to Colorado Rocky Mountain high to cool off in the summer if you do get hot.
Or Corpus Christi beach areas, South Padre Island the biggest Spring Break location?

But San Marcos is only an hour or two from 
Austin 11th largest city in USA.
And San Antonio 7th largest city in USA with medical college.
And a few hours from Dallas and Houston which are even larger if you need smog or big city services or business connections.

Texas is booming, cheaper new housing, younger people, more work.
Florida is more stable, older richer people, more expensive but some areas not so bad if not overpopulated.

TV says 8 degrees here tonight.
Ridiculous, dangerous, fall on ice, why put up with it?
Florida or South Texas worth a try.
If too hot then move to Hawaii perfect year round.
Hawaii losing population so can get rentals not too bad if not so picky as to location and condition.

Myrtle Beach and Georgia is cooler and can get snow but may be better than Florida.
Delaware beaches Jersey Shores and farther north too cold in winter.

From John:

If you think it's hot and humid here....
Compared to South Texas, it's not.


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