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I have avoided salt since a teenager - no shaker, none in cooking, don't buy it if it has salt in it.
I accidentally ran an experiment on myself the past 2 months and got some arthritis pains as a result.
Salt in a very nice trail mix with pistachios, pecans, cashews - said lightly salted so I used it
Also discovered microwave popcorn in bags with palm oil and salt that I tried - very salty could hardly eat.
I suddenly got arthritic type pains on several injury sites such as base of left thumb hit basket ball hard volleyball style sharp pain still not healed after 2 months.
Doctor Google turned up several sites WebMD etc. says salt may be involved with arthritis.
Makes sense.
Salt may turn to spiky crystals sandpaper in the joints as in gout to turns into arthritis.
Salt definitely spikes blood pressure leading to strokes and may spike joint pressure and eye pressure as well.
Modern junk food is weaponized with salt and sugar addictive - soda pop contains salt to make you thirstier!
Why modern people are dying younger and getting fatter and sicker.
Avoid anything that tastes sweet or salty, constant battle.

Texas Florida Hawaii people live longer because they can get outdoors in the sun and sweat off excess salt.
As the bible says, work out by the sweat of your brow.

I can feel improvement while walking and drinking water as I flush salt out of my system.
After getting poisoned by salt I measure my blood pressure and watch it drop 20 points in 2 hours of walking and drinking water.
Should keep blood pressure below 99/66 and blood sugar below that.
Run in the sun daily as long as it takes to get blood pressure down.

Eat south Texas grapefruit.
Peel off the outer layer, zest, with a carrot peeler.
Then peel the white pulp layer off and use immediately or store it - let dry in colander cold winter dry air or freezer.
Dice the pulp and put in tea 10 cups per day: 3 black tea, 3 green tea, 3 oolong tea, 1 white tea.
Natural Vitamin C and many other important bioflavanoids, antioxidants, polyphenols and other chemicals
not Vitamin C pills from Communist China!
Tea has more good chemicals and
Tea is less addictive than coffee, less of a jolt.
Coffee has too much pesticides and caffeine jitters, heart irregularities
Don't get addicted to bad stuff.
Starbucks coffee an extermination plot? starter drug sugar+caffeine+salt and who knows what all is in that goopy stuff.

Trump needs to declare a dusk to dawn curfew.
Turn off all TV, Radio, cable, electricity at night, park all vehicles except emergency.
Sheeple need sleep and regular healthy habits not addictive entertainments.
Stop Hollywood disinformation, immoral influences, wide is the gate leading to destruction.
Save electricty
Save fossil fuels
Save planet earth

Save the Jews.
Move to Israel
Outlaw stupid black hats and black clothes that block sunlight.
Mandate daily exercises at noon in a bikini on the beach.
Muslims are stupid too, wrapped up in sheets, burkahs,...
Jews, Muslims, Negroes are invaders, not Native Americans.
Wrath of god, bad habits ruining USA with bad health.
Move those idiots back to their homeland.
Humans are designed to run in the sun not sit in the shade wrapped up in clothes.

Lubbock Texas, Amarillo and El Paso have higher altitude and brighter sun than Florida and South Texas megalopolises.
Easy access to even higher altitude southern Rockies New Mexico.
Saw a big snowstorm in Lubbock on weather channel about a week ago.
2 days later it hit 70 degrees bright sun.
We never had a white Christmas, always bright sun.

To stay healthy
move to high altitude
to be closer to the sun
why Colorado is more healthy.

or move south where the sun stays stronger year round
such as Hawaii, South Texas, Florida, Gulf Coast.

Cold weather clothing blocks sunlight!
Smog and heat drive people indoors under air conditioner filters.

Cold wet Oregon, Alaska will kill you faster than Las Vegas Fresno Sacramento heat
but there are many better climates such as El Paso Texas the safest city in USA for low crime.

Stay active, run in the sun.
Stay skinny and youthful.

It is not just vitamin D.
Nitric Oxide,
many chemicals made by skin when exposed to sun.
Also sun penetrates your entire brain, lungs, and every cell in your body, kills germs, fungus,
Energizes your mitochondria so you can run longer and faster.


Swedish Paradox is the strong association between cold weather and heart disease in Sweden.

Higher annual cardiac mortality is associated with residence in colder regions of Sweden.

Cold weather is a marker for low vitamin D levels.

Outdoor activity in cold weather is both curtailed and requires extensive clothing.

Vitamin D explains many observations about heart disease.
These include the facts that
heart disease is higher
at higher latitudes with less sunlight,
lower altitudes,
in the winter,
in African Americans,
in older, inactive, and
in more obese patients.

Vitamin D blood levels are lower at
higher latitudes,
lower altitudes,
in the winter,
in African Americans,
in older, inactive, and
in more obese patients.

Altitude is the least known of these associations.

The age adjusted mortality for heart disease in the USA showed a striking inverse correlation with altitude in 1979,
before the sun scare.

American populations at the highest altitude had about
half the heart disease of sea level populations.

Thirty-five years ago, Leaf observed that
most of the long-lived populations in the world reside at high altitude.

A vitamin D theory of heart disease explains the excess cardiovascular deaths at high latitude, low altitude and during the winter.
Furthermore, it explains the higher incidence of heart disease in
African Americans,
inactive, and
obese individuals
as these groups have significantly lower vitamin D blood levels.

In 2003, Zittermann discovered that
patients with congestive heart failure (CHF)
have very low levels of vitamin D.

total serum cholesterol for both men and women were
significantly lower at higher altitude in spite of similar diets.

The seasonal variations in cholesterol are well known and
not explained by seasonal dietary changes.

Blood pressure is higher at
higher latitudes,
lower altitudes,
in the winter,
in African Americans,
in the aged, and
in the obese.

High blood pressure is one of the strongest predictors of heart disease.
Here, six facts about hypertension can be explained by one theory: vitamin D.
The lower the vitamin D the higher the blood pressure.

Diabetes is more common
at higher latitudes,
at lower altitudes,
in African Americans,
in the aged and
in the obese.
Both blood sugar and hemoglobin A1C are higher in the winter.
facts that can be explained with one theory:
vitamin D.

Two studies show vitamin D significantly
reduces C reactive protein (CRP),
which may be a better predictor of heart disease than LDL cholesterol.
The Belgian study found a significant effect on CRP even though their high-dose vitamin D group only got 500 units a day.

The risk for total mortality is significantly lower in subjects with high vitamin D levels.
However, the study is in Finnish and has not been translated into English

Vitamin D should be consumed the way the human genome wants it,
a steady amount every day.
If you live down south,
you can get outdoors in the sun every day.

If you live up north you can get sun in the warmer months

Dr. Armin Zittermann, Ruhr University in Germany, has reviewed mounting evidence that
vitamin D deficiency is a major cause of heart disease.

The rates of cardiovascular mortality in France are
much lower in the South and West than in the North.

One of the world's best vitamin D researchers, Dr. Marie Chapuy, found that
vitamin D levels of healthy adults in France follow that same pattern,
with a mean level of 38 ngs/ml in the sunnier and drier South and West,
but less than half that (17ngs/ml) in the colder, rainier, and more polluted, North.

According to the current paradigm,
polyunsaturated fats contained in vegetable seed oils are supposed to lower the risk of heart disease.

However, high consumption of these oils doesn't appear to prevent the Israelis from dying from heart attacks.
Israel does, despite its sunny weather, have a high incidence of vitamin D deficiency.

Average vitamin D levels among healthy adults in Lebanon,
right next door, are only 9.7 ngs/ml - dangerously low.

Healthy Jewish mothers, especially orthodox ones, have low vitamin D levels.

(If you are wondering how the pro-inflammatory omega-6 oils could ever help heart disease,
one possibility is these oils dissociate vitamin D from its binding protein,
making more free vitamin D available.
Apparently, the Israelis don't have enough vitamin D in their blood to dissociate).

The overall death rate from cardiovascular disease in Italy, a country of heavy smokers, is relatively low.
Before you say it is the olive oil and wine,
ask yourself where olive trees and grapevines grow--in the sun.

However, at least two good studies show vitamin D levels in Europe are a paradox,
the closer a European lives to the equator, the lower their vitamin D level.
Nevertheless, an Italian study showed healthy Italian blood donors had robust vitamin D levels of 48 ngs/ml in the summer.
Even average post menopausal Italian women reached 36 ng/ml in the summer.
Anyone who has traveled in Italy, know that
most Italians love the sun.
As the old Italian proverb points out:
"Where the sun does not go, the doctor does go."

Coronary artery disease was more than four times higher in Belfast Ireland than in Toulouse, France,
despite almost identical coronary risk factors.
This is hard to explain, given the current paradigm of heart disease.
Belfast is at 54 degrees latitude, at sea level, and has 257 rainy days per year.
Toulouse is eleven degrees closer to the equator,
its altitude is 500 feet closer to the sun,
and Toulouse only has 74 rainy days per year.
Lots more vitamin D in Toulouse!

The Indian Paradox is the observation that a high prevalence of coronary artery disease in urban Indians in India
is associated with low cholesterol and saturated fat intake.
Researchers found that a low saturated fat diet did not prevent heart disease in the citizens of the
polluted city of Moradabad in northern India.

Air pollution dramatically lowers vitamin D levels.

The Swedish Paradox is the strong association between cold weather and heart disease in Sweden.
Higher annual cardiac mortality is associated with residence in colder regions of Sweden.

Cold weather is a marker for low vitamin D levels.

Outdoor activity in cold weather is both curtailed and requires extensive clothing.


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