illegals On the Border, $ stolen by elites, basements

Basement is your cheapest square footage in a house, and very useful, insulated by the earth. Just hire a bulldozer to dig a hole, then concrete, steel, no windows.  Build house on top.

If USA becomes a shit-hole country then where do we migrate to?
Migration is not a solution to social problems.
Migration just moves those problems to where they infect new populations.
Migrations are designed by the rich 1% elites for the benefit of the rich 1% elites globally.

As I said in 1980 to a liberal who was noting that the majority was already a minority in many parts of the San Francisco Bay area:
If USA imports more and more Mexicans then we become like Mexico, majority Mexicans which is what happened to California.
My father said at about that time that if he would probably migrate too if he were in their situation.

I had already noted the Majority Mexican phenomenon circa 1955 in New Mexico small poor barrio towns and poor part of bigger towns
(not really migrants, often the original settlers from Spain).
and parts of California central valley much later where Mexican migrants replaced the Okies.
1955 we could see out back window bracero Mexican male temporary workers in the fields behind our house never caused any problems.

Modern migrants are created by the corrupt same rich 1% globalist elites who have stolen most of your tax money and wealth.
Foreign aid is stolen by corrupt elites who will shoot any competitors if they do not join corruption or get out of the country.

So we get migrants who are honest with rapists and drug dealers in the mix as needed distribution system for rich elites in shit-hole countries who created the problems of those countries.

Rich powerful elites with guns "hire" poor slaves to make the cheap Walmart junk system Bill Clinton Arkansas set up globally.

War has been declared on any honest hard working people globally.

Rich communist, fascist, are united world wide to steal everything.
Greed, love of money, Hollywood values globalized by electronics addicts, movies, TV, radio, phones,...
Dopamine addicts affects the rich as well as the poor.

Most of your money has been stolen already,  
$50,000 per person at least for the poor as documented by the Federal Reserve Bank.
Middle class lost a million dollars per person.
Held overseas as reserve currency for drug smugglers, human smugglers, corrupt politicians.
They can afford to smuggle in illegals to shoot you, cheap guns, heroin, opium, fentanyl, poisoned ammo, etc.

Globalist system well developed and financed for decades.
Sheeple have not demanded an accounting for printed money,
much less the trillions of dollars that were created without printing but are floating around in world banks.

Most sheeple brain dead dementia Alzheimers, Autism, ADHD, from sugar, flour, junk food, chemicals,...

President Alexandria Occasionally Cortez should tax all foreign held dollars 100%
return that money to USA
Double all social security checks.
Eliminate sales taxes.
Eliminate federal income taxes.
Payoff the federal debt.
Free plane tickets to Jews to return home to Israel,
Negroes to Africa,
Puerto Ricans to Puerto Rico,....


The real poor [when they have a dream/goal] work day and night, 
deny themselves everything [sacrifice tremendously to meet the goal] 
and save their hard earned money religiously.

Most Americans are spoiled, not disciplined, are very selfish and deny themselves nothing. 

Saving money never comes to mind, only consume, consume and make more debt.

It is very tragic to see these people struggle, trying to make a better life for themselves.

I have great compassion, feelings of deep sadness.

I understand our president....[for the good of the country]....if we open the floodgates and take millions and millions more in,
 they keep on coming and we all find ourselves in third world conditions.

It is quite a tough decision, as when you are in a lifeboat and all these people want to be rescued, 
but you know we all go down,
 if we overfill the boat.

2 things here – they go under because it's easy.

Walls go up, not down.

I used to want a house with a basement but it's way too expensive.

Also if thousands of Central Americans are paying 5 – 10K$ to a Coyote, something is wrong.

I'm told there are more than 100 million, maybe 2x, Americans that can't come up with $1000 for an unexpected repair.

Those Americans will never ever have 5 or 10 thousand dollars.

What am I missing?? 

Largest single group of migrants ever tunnels under border wall in Arizona, says Border Protection

A group of 376, including nearly 200 minors, was arrested.

By Matt GutmanSAN LUIS, Ariz. — Jan 18, 2019 7:54 AM ET

The largest single group of asylum seekers ever to cross into the U.S. tunneled beneath the border wall near San Luis, Arizona, on Monday, voluntarily turning themselves into Customs and Border Protection, according to the agency. 

Migrants can be seen marching toward Border Patrol agents by the hundreds, according to video obtained by ABC News. Smugglers dug a series of seven holes, only a few feet long beneath the steel border fence, with hundreds going beneath the wall and a smaller number clambering over it, according to CBP. 

The fresh sand and scuff marks of shoes on the rusty steel were still there when ABC News visited the site on Thursday.

(Yuma Sector Border Patrol)  A record large group of migrants tunneled under the border wall near Yuma, Arizona, and turned themselves in to Border Patrol officials for asylum. 

The agency says 179 of the record 376 people who crossed were children, including over 30 unaccompanied minors -- children under 18 traveling on their own. 

The overall number of unauthorized crossings has plummeted since its peak in the 2001, when CBP logged about 1.6 million apprehensions, according to government statistics. However, the demography of those crossing has changed dramatically.

Parents with children now comprise over 80 percent of the total apprehensions of those crossing the 2,000-mile long border with Mexico. The vast majority of them, like the group near Yuma Monday, surrender immediately or seek out Border Patrol agents in order to begin the asylum process. 

CBP Yuma Border Sector Chief Anthony Porvaznik said his unit needs better border barriers, but more urgently it needs funding to provide for these families. 

"That's our No. 1 challenge that we have here in the Yuma sector, is the humanitarian problem," Porvaznik said. "As I mentioned, 87 percent of the apprehensions here are family units and unaccompanied alien children."

(Yuma Sector Border Patrol)  Seven tunnels were dug underneath the border wall near Yuma, Arizona, on Monday, Jan. 14, 2019, as a record group of migrants entered the U.S. 

The mass crossing this week took place in a sparsely populated stretch of the border -- where an old model of border barrier rises about 12 feet from the sandy ground. The stretched agency only had three agents patrolling that 26-mile-long section of the border. 

It took hours to process the families, most of which were sent to the area's chronically overcrowded central processing center in Yuma. 

"In my 30 years with the Border Patrol, I have not been part of arresting a group of 376 people," Porvaznik said. "That's really unheard of."

On Thursday, hundreds of asylum seekers were being held in cinderblock cells with thick glass windows that overlooked a central bullpen where CBP agents worked to process them and provide humanitarian needs. The asylum seekers were separated into cells: fathers with sons, fathers with daughters, unaccompanied minors and mothers with children. 

As in all such facilities, the CBP said it works to process them as quickly as possible, and provides basic medical care.

Still, detainees eat, sleep and use the bathroom in the same room.

Scraps of food mingled with silvery space blankets on the floor.

In one cell, several boys had balled up the blankets into a makeshift soccer ball they were kicking around.

(Yuma Sector Border Patrol)  A record large group of 376 migrants tunneled under the border wall near Yuma, Arizona, and turned themselves in to Border Patrol officials for asylum. 

One man in the group said he left Guatemala eight days ago and made most of the trip by bus along with his 12-year-old daughter. They were planning to leave the processing center destined for San Diego -- plane ticket in hand. 

The father said he saved about $5,000 to pay a coyote to quickly get them to the border. He left a wife and two younger daughters back in Guatemala. Next to them were a mother and two daughters on their way to Cincinnati, also from Guatemala. They too traveled by bus and the journey took about eight days.

Just two days after the group tunneled under the border wall in Yuma, the Border Patrol took in another huge group of migrants in New Mexico. The 247-person group, including unaccompanied minors, crossed near the Antelope Wells Port of Entry and immediately surrendered to authorities for processing. 


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