Happy Birthday

After you were born,
Dad Becky and I went to the Rendezvous for a hamburger.
The Rendezvous was in Tucumcari on old route 66 main drag thru town.
Front door posts had square glass bricks that wrapped around the corner on one side as was the Art Deco style of that era.
Small patch of imitation lawn made from little green glass beads to save water in the desert never mow.
I was wondering what I was doing living in such a strange place, a desert.

It seems Debbie was born about the same time In Los Angeles
I was in first grade in Tucumcari in January 25.
I think I started school, then Mom Becky and I took bus to LA
I remember mom say I had a new cousin named Debbie.
In that big old house with trees in the canyon behind.

Then we went back to Tucumcari when you were born
and I had to re-enter first grade, Mrs. Stone.

We lived in Baxter Springs Kansas the summer before you were born.
Moved to Tucumcari July 5th after attending fireworks July 4.
I remember the bright sunlight in July in Tucumcari which is at altitude much brighter than Missouri / Kansas.
Mom and I would walk short distance downtown in that bright sun.

Before Baxter Springs we lived in Columbia Missouri for a few months, winter.
We stopped at the same Gas Station in I think Springfield Missouri on the corner
When we moved to Columbia from Joplin.
I was in back seat, car stuffed with personal belongings for the move.
Seems we moved up in the fall and back in the spring.
Parents were surprised we managed to stop at the same gas station on the corner both coming and going.
Probably was corner of what is now intersection of I-44 and Hwy 65 that goes straight north towards Columbia.
Many old buildings in NE part of town and old highways may not have changed much since 1950.

We moved to Artesia 6 months after you were born, about August.
Across the street from the High School next to my Central Elementary school where I entered second grade.
One year later bought brand new house where we lived 5 years
Dad lost his wedding ring in the back yard planting flowers,
right behind NE corner of house could probably be retrieved with a modern sensor.
We dug around mud with hands a long time never could find it.

Never needed much heater or air conditioning in New Mexico.
Had evaporative air cooler used from 10am to 3pm during summer.

I never had refrigerated air conditioning in car or house until 2010, and rarely used heaters.
Boston, Chicago, and New York had heater for whole building.
San Francisco, San Diego, etc. does not need heater.
Avoidance of artificial heating / cooling
natural air
promotes health


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