flyway north america Re: owl

In the wilds of the New Mexico desert we could see vultures circling dead / dying animals.
Possibly owls can sense death.
Or somebody was feeding the owl before they died.
In biology college building they have signs posted for frozen mice to feed to carnivores.
Maybe your neighbor teaches biology and has access to dead mice/frogs or whatever the students have to dissect and feed leftovers to owls.

Usually if people are sick enough to die they would be in hospital or hospice.
He may have had a stroke or heart attack, suddenly.
Or overdosed.
Or got food poisoning in restaurant.
Or picked up a virus in a casino.
Lots of people coming from around the world stuffed into buildings, often smoking, leads to spread of disease.
Buildings block sunlight needed for health.
Many of them smoke and drink too which is not healthy.

I would like to live around healthier people without so many vices, addictions, bad health habits.
Hard to find.
Colorado Rocky Mountain high always outdoors hiking, running up mountains, training for Olympics.
Hawaii Florida go to beach daily in bikini for inspection motivates people to eat right and stay fit.
College students are often athletes and picky eaters.


The owl has left after the death of my downstairs neighbor.
It hung around for about 6-8 weeks. It sat right out front of their patio.
I think the husband I rarely saw on patio a few times may have been
sick and died. I think the owl was an omen.

I saw a body being taken out by the coroners on Monday, Jan. 14th 
about 7:15 am when I was leaving to walk my dog.

I think his wife
is a school teacher, 
I saw her leave pulling her little supply suitcase
in the mornings about 7:00am everyday.

I still don't know which one died but it was a horrible sight to see.


On ‎Wednesday‎, ‎January‎ ‎23‎, ‎2019‎ ‎04‎:‎31‎:‎41‎ ‎AM‎ ‎PST, joe wrote:

Move to eastern USA
one third rain forest
huge numbers of birds, deer, all sorts of plants and animals.
Flyways fly north for summer, get fat, fly south for winter to lay eggs, hatch,
The whole continent.
West is too dry, barren,
hard for most animals and plants to survive.
Hard for people too.


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