de-junk, move before SHTF, be politically influential in New Hampshire Pelosi_Chuck_Gothic

I got my new HP Windows 10 AMD Ryzen computer $360 online and hooked it to my $80 TV works great 
instantly, 10 minute setup.
Try to get all my activities moved from expensive Apple to cheap Microsoft.
Rugged steel box, lighter and more portable than my Apple iMac, 
and much more popular for programming and hacking.
Make it easier to move maybe just toss the computer and buy a new one at new location download all from cloud.

Airplanes are much faster than cars and uhaul so the best way to move to a new location and save time for running.

Everything you own is a distraction or dangerous or will hurt or kill you.

If it is not toxic Muslim junk that will kill you outright,
then it will distract you and make it hard to move before SHTF.
As I said 40 years ago "keep physical profile to a minimum."
College Military Job disruptions and many childhood moves taught me that.
it is critical to be in the right place at the right time.
Any obstacle to mobility will be lethal or cripple your productivity.
Cars are slower than planes and get stuck in jams.
Be ready to toss your vehicle.
Buy cheap pickup and toss everything into pickup and move fast.

Nowadays everything is cheap and everywhere due to fiat money, deflation, economy booming for 100 years now.
Sheeple shop until they drop then heirs give to charity ends up in used stores or garage sales or landfill.
Economy too good.
Fashion lady TED talk says how she puts together great outfits real cheap, wears a few times, then gives back to the stores.
Flys around giving talks, buying new clothes in each city easily.
I saw college students living that way 1968 and got into that mode partly.
Much easier now, and more fun, join the crowd doing it,
 junk is not god, 
don't worship junk.
Get mobile and move before SHTF you die stuck in a rut miserable high dopamine low melatonin.

Texas is a zero income tax state with great job and college choices.
But it is not the cheapest or most survivable environmentally -- massive agriculture and economic activity and population.
Lubbock surrounded by GMO glyphosate drenched cotton fields, Amarillo too pesticide poisoned.

Arkansas has much cheaper property taxes and properties with clean water and mostly nearly uninhabited forests.
No smog check, safety inspection, for vehicles, less regulation in general, and less people problems.
For decades the White House has trucked in water from Hot Springs Arkansas Bush Obama bipartisan great water.
where you can drive up and fill your own containers 
many drive up from Texas to do so.
Hot Springs Village Arkansas the largest condo complex in USA very cheap survivable location.
Fairfield Bay Arkansas even cleaner water, remote, unpopulated timeshares condos beaches in a forest.

Mississippi even cheaper and has huge casinos and beaches on the gulf.
Louisiana similar but more swampy and 1 big city with some services you may need Newt Gingrich Tulane University.
Mild weather without much snow or ice, especially along the gulf beach areas.
Cheap, conservative, segregated, libertarian.
Not so rich, less opportunity, 
people have worked hard without much money for 200 years eke out a living,
 not so pretentious and still not rich.
Some survival kills not lost to modern shopping Walmart ape couch potatoes.

But many activities and blonde High IQ people are only found in the cold big city rust belts,
Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Wisconsin, Ohio, NYC, Philly,....

New Hampshire one of the best
zero income tax, 
zero sales tax, 
rich upscale ivy league, 
best medical care Harvard University Massachusetts General Hospital Boston.
ski resorts everywhere,
endless stuff to do in the cities or country.
Best summer weather 
The most beautiful I have found in USA along the north coast.
Rocky, rugged, the granite state, mostly forested.
French the most common second language, invented libertarian, "life free or die"
across the border is Montreal just like New York except everybody speaks French.

Your vote counts 10 times, 
huge impact in the first primary 2020.

Be political community organizer.

Register as democrat, work for the newspaper.

Work to get Alexandria Occasion Cortez win the democrat primary for president of USA.

Get rid of obsolete corrupt democrat establishment.

Give Jews free tuition, free medicare, etc.
if they move to Israel and stay there.

Give Mexicans free tuition, free medicare, etc.
 if the move to Mexico and stay there.

Reunite all Mexican families in Mexico,

Eliminate fossil fuel consumption my emigrating all invaders back to their homeland.
Save the environment
Save planet earth
Return America to perfect state equilibrium 1492.

Chuck and Nancy old farts completely out of touch with reality.


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